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Trump Pretty Darned Pleased With Himself, Now Demanding Obama's College Records

Donald Trump is taking a bit of a victory lap following yesterday's surprising release of President Obama's birth certificate -- for which he's claiming full credit, of course.  Trump is known for holding himself in very high regard, but this news cycle has kicked his braggadocio up several notches.  Now that he's going all "Mission Accomplished" on us, perhaps the
raison detre of his potential presidential campaign is shriveling up.  As a self-described "very smart" guy, Trump must know that Republicans aren't going to even come close to nominating an transparently opportunistic, hypocritical Democrat-backing Rahm Emanuel donor for president -- right?  Greg posted the -- ahem -- long form video yesterday, but here are a few highlights of Trump in full gloat mode:

"I'm very proud of myself."

"The word is, according to what I've read, that [Obama] was a terrible student."

Obama should "get off his basketball court" and get "focused on getting those [oil] prices down."

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