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Planned Parenthood Spokesman Obfuscates and Dissembles on CNN

Damage control from Big Abortion:

Remember, this coward refused to debate Live Action's Lila Rose directly on camera.  Instead, Stuart Schear demanded to appear in his own, separate segment, seizing on the opportunity to change the subject and besmirch his odious organization's accusers.  He offered some boilerplate denunciations of the ex-employee depicted in the now infamous undercover video before pivoting to attacking pro-lifers.  He asserted that Rose,
a woman, is "not concerned about women, and not concerned about abused young girls."  That's a strange line of attack coming from a spokesman for a company whose employee was caught on tape actively abetting child rape. 

Schear then accused Live Action of representing "an extreme political agenda."  I guess Planned Parenthood's definition of "extreme" is very broad indeed.  To me, an extreme agenda might include offering advice on how to obtain illegal abortions for underage girls so they can continue to make money for the sex ring in which they've been enslaved -- but what do I know? 

To top it off, Schear brands Rose's group as dishonest for "lying" about who they really were.  Perhaps Schear has never heard of the concept of investigative journalism, which often requires subterfuge.  Undercover journalism a far cry from a malicious lie -- like, say, claiming to be a "women's rights" or "family planning" organization when you're really little more than a multi-billion dollar abortion racket.

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