"We Can't Just Leave It Up to the Parents"

Posted: Dec 14, 2010 10:46 AM
Mr. and Mrs. Obama had quite a rhetorical day yesterday.  On the subject of childhood nutrition, the First Lady succinctly summed up the nanny state mentality on the family/state relationship in one sentence.  The money byte comes in about 55 seconds in:

In fairness, she did offer several meaningful caveats before she unleashed the controversial line, but the sweeping statement that "[the government] can't just leave [anything] up to parents" should never appear in prepared remarks for any political figure.  Making matters worse, she made this remark in the context of arguing that childhood obesity is a national security threat.  Get that woman a new speechwriter!

Not to be outdone, President Obama (speaking off script), managed to forget the first name of top Senate hostage taker, Sen. _______ McConnell.  Mike?

As someone who's terrible with names, I'm almost tempted to cut the president some slack here.  Almost.  Senator Mitch McConnell is one of the most powerful men in Washington.  Even if this was just a momentary, deep brain freeze, Obama could have simply left it at "Senator McConnell," which would have been far less embarrassing than taking a shot in the general vicinity and hoping for the best.  Getting McConnell's name wrong made Obama appear aloof and disrespectful.  Get that man a TelePrompter!