Remarkable: Dems Censure Rangel, Give Him Standing O

Posted: Dec 03, 2010 8:22 AM
Watch and weep as the "most honest, open, and ethical" Democratic Congress evah stands and applauds a man whom they overwhelmingly voted to censure for his repeated ethics violations and breaches of the public trust:

If you can bring yourself to slog through his insufferable pity party of a speech, you'll reach an inescapable conclusion: Charlie is not the least bit sorry for his actions.  He attributes the chamber's vote to the prevailing "political climate" (apparently people these days don't much care for elected officials who break the very tax laws they impose on the rest of us), and defiantly assures the nation that he's "not going to be judged by this Congress."  At which point, the Congress that had literally just judged him leapt to its feet and applauded his "courage," or whatever.  What a pathetic farse.

Question: Which was worse, optics-wise?  Last night's tax cheat tribute, or this infamous, stomach-turning disgrace?