The NY-01 Rollercoaster Ride Continues UPDATE: Democrat Surges Into Lead

Posted: Nov 23, 2010 12:14 PM
UPDATE 11/23:  Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop has now pulled ahead in this tug of war, as the counting goes on:

Rep. Tim Bishop, D - Southampton, continued to win the absentee ballot count on Monday at Board of Elections headquarters in Yaphank. With 83 percent of absentees counted and 98.1 percent of more than 192,000 votes cast, Bishop's spokesman, Jon Schneider, reported that he holds a 206-vote lead over Republican challenger Randy Altschuler.


If you don't like the current results of the tight vote count in New York's 1st Congressional district, just wait a few hours.  It could change...again:

As of 10:30 a.m., Randy Altschuler has re-taken the lead from Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton) by 10 votes in absentee ballot counting, Altschuler spokesman Rob Ryan reports.

Altschuler gained 24 votes today, Ryan said. At the end of the day Friday, Bishop led by 15 according to his camp, and 14 according to Altschuler's. Bishop's people have yet to return our calls this morning.

This is why you should always, always vote.

If Altschuler hangs on, and Ann Marie Buerkle does the same in NY-25 (and RS McCain says it's looking good), Republicans will have picked up a remarkable seven House seats in the Empire State.

(h/t: Geraghty, who's back from the NR cruise)