Desperation: Illinois Democrat Claims Opponent Wants To Kill Puppies

Posted: Oct 14, 2010 1:46 PM
Failed Governor Pat Quinn to voters: Why does Bill Brady hate puppies?


This very well could mark the first time a political advertisement has featured footage of a doggie incinerator.  Gratuitous or not, pet lovers must know: Is the spot accurate?

Politifact notes that the ad is correct in asserting that Brady sponsored the bill two days after the primary, but is incorrect in saying that it was his first act after winning.

“Quinn is close on the substance of what the bill would have done, Politifact concludes. “But the ad oversteps somewhat in suggesting that the bill would have required mass euthanizations, rather than just allowing them, and it glosses over the fact that Brady dropped his sponsorship and that the bill has been moot for most of this year. On balance, we rate the claim Half True.”

Also, I'm a dog person myself, but why is there no love for cat owners in this ad?  Why does Pat Quinn hate kittens?

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