New Horror Film Terrifies Delaware Taxpayers

Guy Benson
Posted: Oct 12, 2010 4:06 PM
Since I was critical of Christine O'Donnell's most recent "I'm you" ad, it's only fair to highlight her team's new, excellent commercial.  The spot adopts a movie trailer conceit, cleverly (and accurately) painting Democrat Chris Coons as a fiscally reckless liberal:

A fresh poll from Fox shows O'Donnell languishing far behind Coons in the general election contest, which is reflective of a consistent trend: Not a single survey has pegged O'Donnell within single digits since early August.  Therefore, Erick Erickson is right to wonder why the DSCC is sending 11th-hour reinforcements to boost Coons' campaign.  If this race is in the bag, why send any resources to Coons?  Surely national Dems haven't forgotten all the other massive challenges they're facing, right?