Brazilian "Artist" Depicts Himself Assassinating Bush

Posted: Sep 28, 2010 11:26 AM
He doesn't stop at just Bush, either; Gil Vicente also draws himself murdering the Pope, the Queen of England, Ariel Sharon, and five other world leaders whom he considers to be criminals:

The former US President George W Bush is shown kneeling on the ground with his wrists bound behind him as Vicente pushes a pistol into his temple.

The Queen faces the onlooker with her hands clasped before her, apparently unaware that the artist is behind her pointing a gun at her back.

Pope Benedict XVI confronts the assassin with his hands raised, while the Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula de Solva is trussed like a joint of meat with a butcher’s knife at his throat.

The series, called Inimigos (Enemies), is meant to highlight alleged crimes for which the leaders have been directly or indirectly responsible by imagining that they are being made to pay the price.

"Because they kill so many other people, it would be a favour to kill them, understand? Why don't people in power and in the elite die?" he said.

Vicente strikes me as a garden-variety Leftist using lurid imagery as a sick means of self-promotion--all under the pretext of "artistic expression," of course.  If he really wanted to be "brave" and edgy, he would draw Muhammad.  I'm not holding my breath.