Aw: Obama "Blames Himself" for Public's "Misunderstanding" of his Totally Awesome Healthcare Law

Guy Benson
Posted: Sep 23, 2010 2:12 PM

President Barack Obama yestderday blamed himself for confusion surrounding his historic health care bill as a new poll showed the majority of Americans still do not understand the reforms.

Just six months after the landmark changes were brought in, he sought to reintroduce the bill which was widely regarded as the first major triumph of his presidency.

His attempts to allay fears and clarify the law came as a poll found just 30 per cent of Americans were in favour of the $940bn (?627bn) reforms...

'Sometimes I fault myself for not being able to make the case more clearly to the country,' he said.

You just go ahead and keep telling yourself that, buddy.  Of course you can clear up all those pesky "misconceptions" by simply adding to your total of at least 54 healthcare speeches, a primetime address to a joint session of Congress, a network TV infomercial on the subject, and countless online "reality checks," and web videos.  Dust off the old talking points (minus a few), and let 'er rip!  Obamacare will be as popular as free ice cream in no time flat.

Please, Mr. President, roll up your sleeves and barnstorm the country (preferably alongside Democratic Congressional candidates!) lecturing about how terrific your law is--if only we common folk could understand it better.   Just keep your fingers crossed that nobody notices headlines like these.