Democrats: Actually, Bush Did Cut Taxes for the Middle Class After All

Posted: Sep 15, 2010 4:28 PM
Democrats' talking points are fraught with muddled messages and economic incoherence these days.  (Okay, all days).  When it comes to the Obama tax hikes (also known as not extending the Bush tax cuts), Democrats have been reduced to griping about Republican efforts to "hold hostage" middle-class tax cut extensions until "the rich" get their lower rates prolonged, as well.  As we've previously discussed, John Boehner may have already outmaneuvered Democrats on this point, as quite a few of them appear to be running scared and straying from the party line on the issue. 

Democrat Party leaders, though, are (for now) sticking to their guns.  They'll only agree to extending the Bush tax cuts for the middle class.  To which Republicans should incredulously respond: "What Bush tax cuts for the middle class?" 

Haven't Democrats spent the last, oh, seven to nine years shrieking about Bush's awful, no good "tax cuts for the rich" as if only the privileged few received tax relief?  Of course, that was all class-warfare baloney, and now Democrats are abandoning their own reliable go-to talking point in order to score cheap points in the latest tax battle du jour.  Hey, at least they're finally admitting the truth: Taxpayers in every single income tax bracket got a cut under President Bush.

Republicans should be calling them on this every day.