New Reid Ad: Angle Supports Domestic Violence!

Posted: Sep 14, 2010 9:03 AM
Yes, really.  Harry Reid wants voters to believe that Sharron Angle is all in favor of making Nevada "a safe haven for domestic abusers" and sides "with the abusers, not the abused."  Subtext: That crazy Sharron Angle hates women, or something!  Be very afraid!  Watch for yourself:

Gasp! Can you believe Sharron Angle supports that creepy bearded predator in the gas-guzzling SUV?  So extreme.  If you can sit through that spot and come away convinced that Angle honestly has it in battered women, then you're probably already on Harry Reid's payroll.  If you're anyone else, you probably suspect there's some missing context in this ad.  You'd be correct:

Angle's campaign accused the powerful Democrat of taking the former state assemblywoman's vote out of context.

"It's taken out of context, she did not oppose the merits of the bill, she raised concerns to ensure that enforcement documents were authentic and present," Angle campaign spokesman Jarrod Agen told CNN. "Attacking Sharron, who's a grandmother and a former schoolteacher, on domestic violence is just desperation and more fear mongering to distract from Harry's failed economic record in Nevada."

This commercial represents the worst kind of fear-based politics, and it's executed in such a ham-handed fashion that I have trouble believing it'll be remotely effective.  Voters are worried about unemployment and the economy, and good ole Harry's batting about .000 on that front, so desperate diversionary tactics are all he's got at this stage in the game.  Kudos to the Reid people for finding a serious-looking stooge police officer willing to front their propaganda, but I doubt it'll move the needle.