Another Day, Another Shattered Obamacare Promise

Posted: Sep 09, 2010 2:04 PM
Yesterday we found out that millions of Americans will face increased health care premiums thanks to Obamacare, and today there's this:

The health-care overhaul enacted last spring won't significantly change national health spending over the next decade compared with projections before the law was passed, according to government figures released Thursday.

The report by federal number-crunchers casts fresh doubt on Democrats' argument that the health-care law would curb the sharp increase in costs over the long term, the second setback this week for one of the party's biggest legislative achievements.

It's nearly impossible to keep pace with the deficiencies of this dreadful behemoth, but the indefatigable crew over at Obamacare Watch is doing its level best.

UPDATE: The AP story on the uptick in national health care spending levels is up on our homepage.