The Democrats' Witch-Hunt Against Conservatives Just Ramped Up
The First Black Swan
John Fetterman Has Another Encounter With Pro-Palestinian Protesters
Some of the Reactions to O.J. Simpson's Death Were Wild
Hamas Just Made a Major Announcement...And the Media Is Nowhere to be Found
OJ's Death Permits Racism
What it Takes to be a Good Black Politician or Pundit
The Importance of US-Iraq Relations
Crippling Cyberattack Brings U.S. HealthCare System to a Halt
Trans Activists On The Wrong Side of History
The America First Approach Offers HOPE, Support for Women and Children
The Empire Strikes Again – in Ethiopia
The Threat of Modern School Counselors in Public School
Trump Snaps At Hostile Reporter Who Questioned His Abortion Stance
Dem Denver Mayor: 'We Want to Be a Welcoming City' for Illegal Immigrants

Leftist Zeitgeist: Give Me EQUALITY or Give Me Death!

On this week's Townhall Weekend Journal:

Bill Bennett and Max Boot on the Iran/U.S. mess. Hugh Hewitt and Bret Stephens the future of the Middle East. Bennett and Nina Shea on the 147 college Christians being slaughtered in Kenya by radical Muslims. Bennett and Robert Costa on the Rand Paul presidential announcement. Hewitt and Carly Fiorina on Hillary's email server and her credentials if she runs on the GOP presidential ticket. Dennis Prager and John Eastman on RFRA and the Indiana religious liberty issue.


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