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Black PBS Anchor Describes Zimmerman as "White"

If you haven't read it yet, Lee Habeeb wrote one of the best pieces about this Trayvon/race-issue stuff in last week's National Review. But that was last week when the media referred to George Zimmerman only as a "white Hispanic." As Habeeb wrote, based on this description, why doesn't the media refer to Obama as a "white black" president?


On Monday night, PBS's anchor of Newshour, Gwen Ifill dropped the "Hispanic" description for Zimmerman and simply referred to him as "white." Considering Zimmerman has one white parent and one Hispanic parent, why isn't President Obama referred to as a "white" by our media?

The ol' one drop of white blood makes you a white theory only applies when opportunistic race hustlers are trying to sell the "look out for the devil, whitey" narrative. But as the great Shelby Steele (a former Black Panther) wrote in the WSJ: "Black teenagers today are afraid of other black teenagers, not whites."

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