It's [Good] Friday...Sunday's Coming...

Greg Hengler
Posted: Apr 06, 2012 11:00 AM

Today the greatest danger facing Christians is not persecution from the world—but being seduced by the world.

Because it is Good Friday and Easter is on Sunday I feel justified in writing a paragraph about the Christian faith and offer my brothers and sisters in Christ a word of encouragement; and to all of you who don’t understand the Gospel—if you never really, fully understood what Christ did and why some Christians are on fire for Him while others are simply lukewarm—I offer you this video. Pastor Paul Washer is one of the most gifted and passionate preachers in America today, and in this video he will encourage, prod and poke those who follow Christ while informing those who are not. Either way, you will hear who Christ really is, why Easter is quantifiably more than eggs and bunnies, and whether you, in the end, agree or disagree/love or hate the message, you will no longer be ignorant about why Jesus chose to die on a cross and what it means to be a real follower of Christ.

After all, conversion is not a flu shot.

Quick note: If you wish to comment on my writing or Paster Washer’s video in the hyperlink, I encourage you to please take the time to watch it first.

God bless and have a blessed weekend.