Obama Mis-Uses Scripture To Proselytize Tax Increases At National Prayer Breakfast

Posted: Feb 02, 2012 1:15 PM

Liberal "Christians" and non-Christians only quote Scripture (especially Matt 7:1 "do not judge") when it meets their liberal world views, not the correct (read: contextualized) view of Scripture itself.

Obama and his liberal (read: incorrect) understanding of Scripture, where his exegesis is used to fulfill his left-wing agenda, needs to be called out daily and repeatedly.

In just a few minutes during today's National Prayer Breakfast, Obama invoked numerous buzz words that are guaranteed to tickle the ears of his Democrat body of believers:

"Shared responsibility"

"love thy neighbor"

"highest form of charity"

"I AM my brother's keeper." [BTW: Who is Obama referring to as the "I AM"?]

We need to "return" to the "value" of increased taxes if we want God on our side. [Where's Charlie Gibson now?]

What strikes me every time a lib cites Scripture is their repeated failure to contextualize what they're citing. I know they have no knowledge of the context because to have such knowledge would mean they have read and continue to read and understand their Bibles--assuming they own one. What they always fail to grasp is that their tying Scripture to the government mandate to use coercion against the populace in order to redistribute wealth is not Biblical, it's liberal. You will see this tactic used when Obama said we must "give up" money to the government based on a Biblical mandate.

On a side note, isn't this demagoguery by liberals and President Obama actually an attempt to "shove their values down our throats"? Where's the separation of church and state, man? Why don't libs see the hypocrisy in using the Bible to invade our bank accounts when they repeatedly tell Christians to "keep their Bibles out of their bedrooms"?

I have no problem with anyone, including the President, citing Scripture, but please, if you are going to do so, use it correctly.

[For those of you who want a clearer--think Thomas Sowell--more in-depth understanding of this theological debate, do a quick study on the eisegetical and exegetical understanding Scripture].