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Newt: "Romney May Be Running For CEO, I'm Running For President"

Here's three excellent moments from Newt's "Face The Nation" appearance on Sunday.

Newt: Romney's A "Good Salesman" With A "Weak Product"--His "Authenticity" Is His "Core Problem"


"Perfect!" Bob Schieffer Asks Newt If He Would Debate Mitt on "Face The Nation"

Me thinks Mitt won't think it's that "perfect".

Meanwhile, the hounds are unleashed. Coulter and her "boyfriend" Chris Christie pounced the day after Newt's victory. Coulter's tactic was to insult the Republican voters in South Carolina. BTW: Isn't Coulter stealing "the people are idiots" tactic from page one of the liberal handbook?

Here's Chris Christie slinging hunks of mud at Newt:

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