Newt Says He's The Nominee, And Hugh Hewitt's Audience Reacts! UPDATE: Newt Responds

Posted: Dec 02, 2011 6:00 PM

It was the big story of the day. Newt Gingrich told ABC's Jake Tapper that he believed he'd be the GOP nominee (see it in the clip below), and all hell broke loose in the punditocracy.

One of our favorite talk radio hosts--Hugh Hewitt--tried a different approach. Rather than lecture his audience, or tell them what to think about the comments, he opened up his lines to first-time callers, played the clip, and did a rapid-fire response.

The 1st 12 callers all loved what Newt had to say.

If only the media elites on the left--and even some on the right--would stop telling Americans how to think, what to think, and whom to vote for, and instead just did a bit more listening, they'd find out that the people are pretty damned smart and don't really listen to pundits! 

Big HT: Lee Habeeb

UPDATE: Thursday night on Greta, Newt responded to the hub-bub surrounding his comment to Jake Tapper.

Newt: "It's Always Up To The Voters"--Not The Media, Candidates, Or Consultants