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The "View" Ladies Trash The Bible--Cheer Homosexuality & Marijuana-Induced Promiscuity

The View gals are seen here indirectly regurgitating the unstated but very much implied talking point in our culture that the homosexual community are the only sinless human beings.

Whoopi Goldberg, a professed bisexual, brags about getting stoned before sleeping with men. This profession reflects another trendy, hip, pop culture fad which is that getting high is fine, and in fact is good for you and should be legalized. Note the high-five Whoopi receives from her co-host, Sherri Shepherd.

So what we learn here from these enlightened ladies is this: The Bible is stupid and "too restrictive" while getting stoned, having promiscuous sex, and living and partaking in homosexual acts is to be cheered and defended.

We need help.

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