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This Week's Townhall Weekend Journal: Prager Not Impressed By Casey Anthony's Attorney his post-victory press conference, Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez went on tear crusading for anti-death penalty rights and then--if that weren't enough--he lapses into a rant spoken only in Spanish. Prager breaks all of this down for us; plus! he hilariously "translates" for the listeners what Baez is saying.

Also in this week's Journal: Hugh Hewitt had Harvard Law Professor and famed defense attorney Alan Dershowitz ponder, “What went wrong?” with the Casey Anthony case. Hewitt hosted the very impressive Governor Kasich. Byron York of the Washington Examiner with Bill Bennett on the so-called "disaster" Wisconsin Gov. Walker's legislation was supposed to have caused. Well, the results are in. As usual, the doom and gloom prophesied by the Left is completely wrong. The once member of the NLRB, Peter Kirsanow, was a guest of Bill Bennett. They took a closer look at how President Obama addressed the Boeing issue at a recent press conference. Hewitt interviewed Henry Kissinger on China.

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