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Supreme Court Unanimously Support Walmart Over Lefty Activists

In this week's Townhall Weekend Journal:

When the Supreme Court is unanimous, it is so shocking, you really have to believe there is no merit to the case. Lefty activists hired a bunch of Jon Edwards-like attorneys to bring forth a class-action lawsuit against one of their nemesis capitalist corporations, Wal-Mart.

No doubt their plans were to take down an icon of free market success and enrich Big Attorney's pockets (read: Democrat donors) while the libs smoke a doobie in honor of their victory...or whatever.

It was a no go. The Supreme Court shot down their ridiculous lawsuit and sent them packing. Dennis Prager has a few unique insights into this case and its relevance.

Also in the Journal:

Bill Bennett and Jon Kyl on Obama's Afghanistan speech. Hewitt on NBC leaving out "under God, indivisible" during their U.S. Open coverage. Bill Bennett speaks with the president of the Catholic University of America over their decision to ban co-ed dorms. Michael Medved on Howard Dean's anti-Christian rhetoric. Hewitt listens to the CEO of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus blast Obama's anti-business policies. Prager on the new FDA labels for cigarettes.

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