DNC Chair: GOP Wants To "LITERALLY Drag Us All The Way Back To Jim Crow"

Posted: Jun 07, 2011 7:40 PM
The hyperbolic (at best) rhetoric from Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the all-black network, TV One perfectly highlights the Twilight Zone world those on the Left live in.

First, does Wasserman and others on the Left really believe--I mean literally believe that Republicans want to legislate segregation? Really? If so, I'll let you marinate in your fantasy world and pray that you get some help.

Second, if there is any attempt to segregate, it is being championed and exercised on a daily basis by those on the Left, by blacks, and by Hispanics themselves. I've written before about the segregated black and brown graduation ceremonies around our country. What about segregated black television (BET)? How about the segregation done within the Congressional Black Caucus? What about the segregation within the Congressional Hispanic Caucus? These two caususes do not allow anyone with "white" skin pigment to join regardless of whether they serve a black or brown majority district. Note too how both of the racially-segregated caucuses are leftist-only/Democrat organizations.

The list of instances where blacks and Hispanics self-segregate has no end; and those who practice self-segregation have no shame, and there is no pressure for them to ever apologize, and there is nothing under the sun that can justify their Jim Crow-like behavior. Name one program, television channel, caucus, graduation ceremony, church, etc. in the country where whites have segregated themselves and apply the "white" label to their organization? Where's WET (White Entertainment Television)? The White Church? The White graduation? The Congressional White Caucus? They don't exist because it would rightfully be deemed racist and unworthy of our progressive/inclusive society!

Remember a few weeks ago when Obama held his poetry night and invited the rapper/actor Common and singer Jill Scott--both who've publicly spoken out about their disgust towards interracial relationships? How would that situation have been received if the poets and the president were white instead of black? BTW: In case you forgot, Common and Scott's feelings towards interracial relationships were barely mentioned during the hub-bub leading up to the White House poetry night.

That said, why and how do liberal Democrats point their fingers at Republicans (a racially diverse party) and say they want to literally segregate (i.e., Jim Crow) America when those same Democrats, blacks, and Hispanics are willfully doing it on a daily basis? Projection? Yep. Hypocrites? Fo sho.