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Brutal & Uncomfortably Tense: Bill Bennett Shreds Gingrich For Attacking Paul Ryan

Listening to this reminds me of the uncomfort I felt the first time I watched the "Funny Guy" scene in Goodfellas. There were times I had to release tension with a smile; the rest of the time I was holding my breath.

Unlike other interviews Newt has done since his MTP appearance on Sunday, Bill Bennett does not let his old friend Newt off the hook. Newt messed with Bennett's boy, and shallow excuses will not work this time.

For those of you who don't know, Paul Ryan used to be a young staffer for Bill back in the day. And every day on Bill's radio show you will hear him at least once proudly shower endless praise on his former employee.

In this interview, each grasp of breath and hole that Newt diggs, Bennett squeezes tighter and forces Newt to keep digging deeper and deeper.

The Washington Post is saying that this interview "shreds what remains of the Gingrich campaign."

HT: Derek Fowler

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