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NBA OK With Thugs, Illegitimate Kids, Cursing, etc--But Go Ballistic When "Gay Slur" Is Used another example of where our country's priorities are at.

You can tell so much about a person by what animates them and what they choose to defend. Even the most soft spoken individual has buttons and every once in a while they will be pressed. Our country has buttons too and the NBA appears to be reflecting them.

This falls into the same ridiculous category as the so-called "hate crimes." A crime is a crime no matter what word you add before it--like when you add the word "social" before "justice." That said, if the NBA wants to fine Kobe $100 large for cussing out a ref (he called him an "f***ing faggot")--fine, but don't pull the Gay Card and feign outrage as a form of penance to the god of political correctness if his cussing is enough to justify monetary punishment. Gimme a break.

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