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Pelosi's 3 Zingers: Govt Needs To Be Job Creators; From Day 1 Obama Was Job Creator; Dems Long Fought For Fiscal Responsibility

This lady sinks so low that I hesitate to apply a label to her. You will see what I'm talking about after watching the video, but here's the low-lights:

  • "Democrats have long fought for fiscal responsibility."
  • President Obama was a job creator from day one."
  • Democrats "saved/created 3.6 million jobs" and "reduced the deficit" and created "fiscal soundness."
  • "I believe we have an obligation as a government to be job creators."
Since when did the government get into the "job creation" business--let alone have an "obligation to do so? Obama the "job creator" "Job Creator"? Democrats the party of "fiscal responsibility?

Is it possible to call Pelosi anything other than an outright liar?

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