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Unbelievable: WI Teacher Urges Protesters To Shout Down CNN's Difficult Question To Her

When confronted with a question that would pull the rug out from under her "I'm here for the students" and not for my pay or my benefits talking shouting points, this Union bully (Nancy Riesch) organizes her thugs on live national television to shout down CNN's
Suzanne Malveaux.

I love unscripted moments of transparency.

BTW: Is there any difference between a child's view of the world and that of Union leftists such as these? As Dennis Prager has said: The Left's observations are not geared toward reality, they are geared toward dogma and wishful thinking. To the extent that one is leftist, one has not grown up--he/she has not grasped reality because it is too painful. The reality is that governments can no longer afford pension plans--but this reality is too painful for leftists so they make up their own reality. Truth is not a left-wing value; equality is and so is compassion--but not truth.

Want proof for my pudding. Here's Chris Christie:

As I walked into the room and was introduced. I was booed lustily. I made my way up to the stage, they booed some more. . . . So I said, ‘Come on, you can do better than that,’ and they did!”

He crumpled up his prepared remarks and threw them on the floor. He told them, “Here’s the deal: I understand you’re angry, and I understand you’re frustrated, and I understand you feel deceived and betrayed.” And, he said, they were right: “For 20 years, governors have come into this room and lied to you, promised you benefits that they had no way of paying for, making promises they knew they couldn’t keep, and just hoping that they wouldn’t be the man or women left holding the bag. I understand why you feel angry and betrayed and deceived by those people. Here’s what I don’t understand. Why are you booing the first guy who came in here and told you the truth?”

UPDATE from haakondahl: "BTW: Is there any difference between a child's view of the world and that of Union leftists such as these?"
Yes. The children know that at some point, they will have to grow up. Leftists have found a loophole.

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