Spitzer Dumps Parker, & Practically Elopes With Alec Baldwin

Greg Hengler
Posted: Jan 06, 2011 12:33 PM
Just when you thought Eliot Spitzer had no surprises left is his bag of tricks, he made Kathleen Parker disappear on the Parker/Spitzer Show last night, and spent nearly 15 minutes wooing Alec Baldwin. Baldwin may not be Client # 9, but this isn't exactly the hard hitting interview we thought we'd get from the former tough guy prosecutor turned governor turned public embarrassment turned CNN host.
Here is a montage of some of Spitzer's tougher questions aimed at Baldiwn.  Poor Parker; was thrown to a curb not for a hot babe, but an over the hill mimbo  (male bimbo)!

Big HT to Lee Habeeb.