Homeless Man Finds Love & Mercy,Thanks God For It

Posted: Jan 06, 2011 11:43 AM
The "Today" show snagged this exclusive with Ted Williams, the man who was homeless just days ago, until his YouTube video went viral. In just two days, his life has changed in ways he could have never imagined, with radio stations, NBA franchises and big companies calling to put his great voice to work.
This is simply the best segment of TV I've seen in years. And when the "Today" show asked him about how he kept his grace and civility during even his toughest of times, Ted's immediate acknowledgment of God had all who believe - and even those who might not - in tears.
Rarely is this kind of testimony heard on the set of the big secular media outlets, despite the fact that such testimony is a part of millions of American lives.
God bless Mr. Williams. 

Big HT to Lee Habeeb!