CNN's Zakaria: Tax Cuts Are "Bad Stuff"--My "Innovation Tax" Is Excellent

Posted: Oct 28, 2010 7:53 PM
A liberal's need to believe that taxes deliver the best bang for the buck is stronger and more powerful than truth or reality. But a tax is a tax is a tax. I don't care if the smartest man in the world, Fareed Zakaria, adds the word "innovation" before the word "tax" and tells us that it will work this time.

Zakaria fits the definition I like to use for an intellectual: someone who values ideas more than the effects of ideas on people. Lefties think that the practitioners are to blame for past failures of their ideological principles; they actually believe that progress breeds more enlightened thinkers who will actualize their faith in time-tested failure. Thus, no matter what proof you offer a leftist to convince them to abandon their ideological failure, they simply say, it hasn't been implemented correctly, yet. Instead of "waiting on the Lord," they wait for an earthly messiah to redeem humanity with an all-loving, all powerful and perfect government that knows how to spend your money better than you.