"Today" Spotlights Female Duke Student's Sex Thesis With Athletes

Posted: Oct 07, 2010 11:35 AM
I started to read some of her "thesis" on Friday, but could not continue after a couple paragraphs. The girl's (yes, girl) frat-like lifestyle is, unfortunately, not much of an aberration; her 42-page "thesis" is.

The common retort when cases like this are reported--ya know, girls trying to act like boys (yes, boys)--is, "Well, guys have always been this way." Yea, and the only guys who high-five their buddy's braggadocious encounters are other d-bags who also need to grow up.

The "Girls Gone Wild" culture we live in (note: "girls"), may align perfectly with the Boys Being Stupid nature that wrests in all males. I can attest to this because I struggle with my nature too. But let me finish on this note: Females, your nature may seek attention from males, and how you compensate physically, emotionally, and spiritually will vary depending on the girl. And guys, your physically lustful nature may cause you to compensate on all kinds of levels too, but why be slaves to your natures--no matter what the level of compensation is?

When I see an attractive female who is dressed incredibly immodest, I admit, the male in me is turned on, but the man in me is turned off. The question is, which response will you obey?