NAACP Pres & Schultz: Tea Party Won't Expel Racists or Embrace Poor Americans

Posted: Sep 16, 2010 6:56 PM
I would love to know how many of these 43.6 million so-called poor Americans own a television, DVD, DVR, microwave, cell phone, home computer, home phone, automobile; do they have clothes to wear, appliances to keep food cold and cook, live an apartment or home; do they smoke or drink, costly tattoos, how many kids do they have, are the parents together (married?), etc. Ya know. I would like just a little perspective so I could draw some distinctions between African tribal poor and American "poor."

BTW: 43.6 million. C'mon!! This rings about as much truth on my common sense-o-meter as Obama's claim that Healthcare is paid for and will not affect the deficit.

This liberal segment is brought to you by their blessed trinity: race, class and gender--two of which were covered here.

HT: Benjamin Rush.