"Holy Hedonism": Vegas Magazine Takes Blasphemy To New Lows

Posted: Aug 04, 2010 7:54 PM
Yes, I know, it's Vegas, but that said, this is well above my--and probably your--expectations of inappropriateness.

I was there for the RightOnline conference at the Venetian. This magazine was complimentary for all guests. I flipped through it before heading to Randy Couture's MMA gym for an early morning three hour punch in the chops and stopped immediately. The picture was disturbing but the title was even more provocative.

I don't want to opine on the content. I simply want to show you the short article--pictures and all--so those who wish to poo-poo prudes like me can; but more importantly, I want those who see culture as a reflection of the general attitudes in society can read this and pass it on to others of like mindedness.

Here's the magazine cover with pictures from the article. Note the two female tattooed "sinners" with "Rev." Kennedy:

Holy Hedonism

From weddings to confessionals—Tao Beach has upped its hip factor to biblical proportions.

REVEREND MARKLEN KENNEDY wants you to confess your sins. Or tie the knot. Perhaps even get baptized. Now you can do all three at Tao Beach.

“I went and I got ordained as a minister!” says Rev. Kennedy, better known in the world of Vegas nightlife as Tao Beach’s director of VIP marketing. “I was nervous to tell my mother, but she’s very proud of me now.”

Kennedy’s ordination is 100 percent legit and nicely complements the existing ecclesiastical temple of Tao. He’s willing and able to perform ceremonies at Tao Beach—even in Tao Beach’s pool if a couple so desires. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be a marriage that’s absolutely legal,” he says. “They can come on in just for fun—except that I will have certain parameters: I’m not going to marry farm animals or cousins.”

Joking aside, having Rev. Kennedy available for weddings, baptisms and absolving people of their sins is just one of the new amenities that’ll help Tao Beach stand out among the plethora of pool parties. The Venetian hot spot has also added more lush horticulture and five cabanas, and moved the DJ booth to the center of the venue.

“We have Worship Thursdays. At Tao Beach we have a thing called Good Fridays. I thought going along those lines, let’s do a deal with Confessional Sundays,” Kennedy says and hints he’s looking forward to the prospect of having “Altar Girls” at the party. “I think it really flows in with the themes that Tao has. You can do everything wrong that you want—and have a great time doing it—then come to Tao Beach, confess your sins, have a frozen TaoTini, and then ‘Boom!,’ you’re able to go back home and look yourself in the mirror and not be scared that you’re going to be lucky just to get into hell.”