Megyn Kelly Confused Why Breasts Can't Be Fully Exposed In A Public Restaurant

Posted: Apr 15, 2010 1:58 PM
Although you do not need much context, they are debating whether a women in Minnesota was wrong to breast feed at a public restaurant without covering up. Based on what Megyn said at the top of this clip, she does recognize that there is something "wrong" with a woman whipping her boob out in the middle of a restaurant. I would go further and say that whipping it out in a restaurant whether you have a baby or not is wrong regardless of how many men appreciate it. Megyn's reference to God and nature is ridiculous on so many levels. I'm surprised that she decided to use the high school/stoner argument of "it is natural" or "made" by God, so it's okay to do it. If Megyn fails to see the distinction between a video of Girls Gone Wild and a public restaurant, I think she should trade in her law degree for a dose of common sense.

When we go to the bathroom, we don't drop trau in front of a public audience and then shame them for telling us to do it in an appropriate setting. There is a time and a place for everything. Exposing your breasts in public is inappropriate. If you must breast feed your baby, us a blanket, a "tent," or whatever you wish to call it, but don't expect this God-given natural process to get public approval because you don't want to cover up. Get over yourself.