MSNBC's Brewer To Pro-Palin Ziegler: 'Cut The Mic, Please!' UPDATE: Palin Fires Back At Letterman

Posted: Jun 10, 2009 2:14 PM
You can tell Ziegler knew he was in the lion's den, but he was relaxed and fearless. In fact, he seemed to enjoy himself. Ziegler's decision to strike Brewer's solar plexus right off the bat definitely struck her network loyalty cord, calling MSNBC "Barack Obama's Official Network." Her fake smile did no service to her transparent dripping contempt towards this "right-wing hate-monger." Brewer's ridicule towards the Republican party and conservative values has been brought to Townhaller's attentions time and again. Remember her lovely sentiment towards Miss CA, Carrie Prejean: "[S] he hates gay marriage but likes to take her shirt off." This lady is a rock-ribbed MSNBC'er.

UPDATE: Here's Ziegler interviewing Palin. She responds to Letterman and Olby.