Gay Prom Queen: 'You're Wrong!' If You Think Women Are Women & Men Are Men

Posted: May 29, 2009 8:31 PM
As I noted in my earlier post on this issue:  "Blurring the lines of moral, gender, economic, and religious distinctions seem to be the status quo. There are no right or wrong ways to live; there is no ugly or beautiful; there should be no rich and no poor; two women or two men are just as good as a man and a woman; the list goes on." Indeed, the list goes on, and Garcia's (the prom queen) statement in the final seconds of this video says everything that needs to be said.

BTW: Why do people always have to give the, "I have a best friend who is (fill in blank)" line, whenever there is a discussion pertaining to minorities (see high school girl in video)? When the discussion is about race you can expect someone to proclaim something like this: "I'm not racist, okay; my nephew is half black." C'mon! Quit with the sissy apologies! Make your piece and get over your white guilt. Hold firm to your convictions, but do so in a loving matter. Whatever you do, stop apologizing and covering your butt before some jerk tries to tag you with a homophobic, bigot, or racist label. Grow up!