Steele: Obama Says 'I Got Your Back' To Planned Parenthood & 'We Can All Get Along' To Pro-Lifers

Posted: May 17, 2009 6:30 PM
Whether you agree with President Obama or not, he has mastered the art of blurring moral lines of distinction. He's done it to America. Who is Barack Obama? What does he stand for? These two simple questions have simple answers, but very few Americans could answer correctly. Indeed, most Americans could probably tell you what moral position's Barack Obama has taken; the problem is, there would be no concensus. Why? Michael Steele says it best in the video: Obama "talks out of both sides of his mouth." Where I come from, people call a man of this character a "coward."

Exit Question: As suggested by our President at Notre Dame: Why can't we all be more open-minded about killing the unborn?