MSNBC's Proselytizing Prodigy: Global Warming Is 'The Grown-Ups Fault'

Posted: Apr 21, 2009 1:28 PM
No doubt this line has been driven deeply into her skull by her "educators." The little girl knows that her blame line will receive an "Amen!" from her adult compadres of compassion--hence, the smile as she says it.

I would love to ask her how well the "grown-ups" are teaching her about history, science, math, etc. I would bet my next check she could not tell us one thing about the founding of this country. Who was George Washington? What's so great about him? What was WWII? Maybe these are "tough" questions so you name it! Any question that elicits an answer besides "He owned slaves," "They were racist," or "We are imperialist," and I bet she would be caught flat-footed. This is the state of our "educational" system today.