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Fringe elements exist in everything we do, from your high school cliques to faiths that hold billions of followers; they are there to exploit--if you wish to tarnish the group's image. Recently, this tarnishing has been done to the Christian faith using
Fred Phelps and his Westbro Baptist Church and the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. For the sake of time and trust in the intellectual honesty of Townhallers, I will not argue the merits of their Christian faith. What I want to focus on is the numbers of "fringe elements." Going a step further, I will focus on the power wrested in those numbers.

You can scower the planet and you will be pressed to find "Christian" nutters such as Phelps or McVeigh--especially ones holding power. The same can't be said of Islam.

This video is a microcosmic view into the "religion of peace." The conservative estimate relating to the amount of "fundamentalist Muslims" in the world is 10 percent of the Muslim population. If there are one million Muslims in the world (estimates range from 700M to 1.2B) we are talking 100 million Muslim fundamentalists--see Sharia Law. These 10 percent may be the minority but they command the power and define the Muslim faith.

Do you hear protests from the majority of Muslims around the world? Me neither. This is what I fear. So if you are going to pull the moral equivalence card please consider this argument first.

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