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The banner reads "Fighting Terror" and not "Overseas Contingency Operation." Well done Brian Williams! And twice in one night. Bravo. 

Two words come to my mind when I think about Obama renaming the "War On Terror": Sissy and emasculating. Kind of like that kid on the playground who always ran off shouting, "I'm gonna tell the teacher!" when you did or said something they did not approve of. Not a perfect contrast of actions but they both tick me off the same.

PS: Remember those who opposed Bush's Iraq strategy saying that he used fear language to sell us the war? Does that mean that this sissy and irrelevant language is used by Obama to make us forget the war? Words do have meaning. 

This got me thinking. I have considered teaching a spinning class at my local gym--I will no longer call it "spinning." My class will be an "Indoor Precision Cycling Experience." There may be a fewer number of people remembering what the class is called but "spinning" reminds people that you have to make the pedals do something.

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