Obama's 'Special Olympics' Comment On Leno

Posted: Mar 20, 2009 11:13 AM
I shared President Obama's "Special Olympics" comment with friends and family who run nurseries for special needs kids and they didn't flinch--not even a yawn. What Obama said did not even appear on their "I'm offended" RADAR's. If political correctness is going to remain alive and well I say let it live and stay in the Democrat party. No need for such an ugly virus to become bipartisan.

UPDATE: This too shall pass--for our President it already has. Opportunity to fight the values we are in opposition to will be many. I don't want Obama's linguistic inability to be socially acceptable make us look like "the boy who cried wolf." I intellectually understand the insensitive way in which Obama spoke but much of the "outrage" appears to be politically calculated. As a body of conservatives we own political capital--I think spending any of it here is a waste of funds.