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For me at least, this week there was nothing sweeter than watching Team Obama flail desperately in its attempts to discredit Mitt Romney, only to watch the righteousness of free enterprise trip them up so miserably that their own allies had to tell them to lock it up. Nothing.


Ouch. When your fellow Democrats have to pile it on to let you know that, dude, there is a line and you are more than flirting with it, you know you've got problems. Sorry, but Americans like free enterprise (otherwise known as, you know, FREEDOM), and you can't keep a good man down--the Obama administration likes to credit themselves for the meager gains the economy is gradually managing to eke out, but really, the economy is keeping its head above water in spite of Obama's horrid central-planning policies. Free enterprise won't go down without a fight, and as "brilliant" as he ostensibly is, it is wildly clear that President Obama neither understands nor appreciates that.

Watching liberal academics pretending to understand the real world and how businesses work is a part of life that will never go away, like insects and tofu. What is unforgivable is those pretending to understand business attacking Wall Street in general and Governor Mitt Romney's work at Bain Capital in particular. The very essence of capitalism is under assault, and defending it at all costs is the only acceptable option. ...

The last few days saw several Democrats from Corey Booker to Harold Ford to Deval Patrick try to stop the reflexive anti-business madness of the Obama administration. ...

The liberal myth is that Mitt Romney played the Danny Devito role of Larry the Liquidator. He took companies, stripped them dry, kept all of the money for himself, and destroyed everyone else. The left would have no idea how to explain how this actually works, but it sounds good. The problem with this "analysis" is that people and businesses have reputations. If this narrative of Mr. Romney as Conan the Financial Destroyer were accurate, potential clients would catch on after a few decades and stop doing business with him and Bain Capital. They are still in business precisely because their track record is quite good. Critics of Romney and Bain Capital know they dislike him and the firm, but cannot exactly articulate why.

Also, Governor Romney cannot and should not be responsible for any successful or failed deals that happened at Bain Capital before or after he left. Some leftist critics blame President George W. Bush for failing to deal with al Qaeda during the Clinton and Obama presidencies. Logic should remove those criticisms. Only the deals that occurred during the Romney tenure should matter. He had a 78% success rate, which is slightly better than the almost 0% success rate of the Obama environmental gambling spree.


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