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For weeks now, President Obama has been perpetuating several highly misleading energy statistics that make it seem as if his administration is at all responsible for increased levels of domestic drilling or for the lower levels of foreign oil imports -- more domestic drilling is due to the private sector and the policies of the 'previous administration,' while fewer imports are due to the fact that our economy is still on the productivity struggle-bus (heh, okay, so Obama does get credit for that one, just not in the way he wants). It was a leading-with-the-chin messaging strategy just begging to be debunked from the start, so, while I think we've perhaps been a bit slow on the uptake, it pleases me to no end that conservatives are starting to punch back en masse. Yesterday, Crossroad GPS released an ad that succinctly cuts right to the heart of the Obama administration's false energy narrative, to air in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia (swing states, hem hem, that Team O has been targeting pretty heavily). Bam:


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