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Every day that President Obama is out and about busily perpetuating the lies, damned lies, and statistics that he's using to fuel the energy narrative of his reelection campaign -- that his administration somehow deserves credit for marginally higher domestic oil production and the decrease in oil imports -- is a day that I'm constantly struggling to keep from banging my head on my desk. The President is campaigning on deliberate misrepresentations of the facts, and sprinklng on some cheap populist pandering about those faceless, salacious "big oil companies" who dare to make "profits," to boot. It's enough to make any critical thinker cringe, especially when VP Biden joins in on Team Obama's self-styled hallelujah chorus:


So, the administration will take responsibility for the increasing technological efficiencies borne of the private sector, but will disavow any responsibility in doing anything to lower world gas prices other than investing taxpayer money into low-output renewable energy projects. Yep, that sounds like just about the best energy plan, evah.

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