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California Governor Jerry Brown is very vocal when it comes to tooting the Golden State's horn. What with pushing a blatantly progressive agenda, forcing arbitrary green energy standards upon the populace, and practically begging businesses and jobs to flee the state in droves by imposing enormous taxes and regulations, its a wonder that Governor Brown can continue to delude himself with grandiose notions of California "leading the country." (Off of a cliff, perhaps, but certainly not to sustainable prosperity.)


Meanwhile, other more fiscally sane states actually can provide a tenable example for the country - say, for instance, the Old Dominion. Governor Bob McDonnell has put Virginia back in the black for yet another year, proving that right-to-work, business-friendly, privatizing policies are the keys to successful government, both large and small.

RICHMOND – For the second straight year, the Commonwealth of Virginia has reached the end of the fiscal calendar in the black. Governor Bob McDonnell announced today that the state concluded Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 with an approximately $311 million surplus from general fund revenue collections and transfers. Total revenue collections rose by 5.8% in FY 2011, well ahead of the revised revenue forecast 3.5% growth.

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