Poll: The Egyptians Don't Want Our Money

Posted: Jun 09, 2011 9:28 AM

A new Gallup poll indicates that the majority of Egyptians are not interested in receiving the United States' proffered aid for Egyptian political groups. Over the past thirty years, the U.S. has given the Egyptian government about $60 billion in aid, and it appears that they no longer want to take our money (which is great, seeing as how we have none) and would prefer to take control of their own fate.

ABU DHABI and WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Egyptians oppose the U.S. sending aid to political groups in their country. This is particularly the case among those who look to the U.S. as a political example. While 75% of the general public opposes U.S. aid to political groups, 88% of Egyptians who see the U.S. as a political model for their country say the same.


The findings, from Gallup's first survey in Egypt following the revolution, suggest that Egyptians may not be rejecting America's political principles, but rather seeking their own self-determination.

At this important juncture in their history, Egyptians are still apprehensive about possible U.S. interference in their political affairs. About two-thirds of Egyptians disagree that the U.S. is serious about encouraging democratic systems of government in MENA. While that percentage is lower now than in 2009, when three-quarters of Egyptians expressed such skepticism, it still implies that a majority of Egyptians distrust U.S. motives. Additionally, 68% of Egyptians think the U.S. will try to exert direct influence over Egypt's political future as opposed to letting the people of the country forge that future for themselves.