10 Cartoons That Perfectly Capture the Post-Election Meltdown

Posted: Nov 18, 2016 1:44 PM

More than a week after the election, and Hillary Clinton’s supporters still haven't accepted her loss. Many are still protesting - or rioting - in the streets, some are still vowing to flee the country, and others are claiming they are still too emotionally distraught to do something as simple as attending class. 

Here are 10 cartoons that expertly capture the liberal response to Trump’s victory. 

1) Too bad Canada doesn’t want our Hollywood elite. 

by Henry Payne 11/14/2016

2) Ba-bye. 

by Dana Summers 11/10/2016

3) ‘Peaceful’ protests...right...

by Glenn McCoy 11/11/2016

4) Is this what they meant by “Love Trumps Hate”?

by Dana Summers 11/11/2016

5) Oh the irony.

by Nate Beeler 11/10/2016

6) They call themselves the party of unity and acceptance. 

by Mike Lester 11/11/2016

7) Who wants to give Trump a chance?

by Chip Bok 11/17/2016

8) How long until the whining stops?

by Steve Breen 11/16/2016

9) Don’t assume all women are mourning.

by Mike Lester 11/17/2016

10) The only “safety pin” we need.

by Bob Gorrell 11/14/2016