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AP Photo/Julio Cortez

Among many strong moments in the final presidential debate before Election Day on November 3, President Trump gave a unifying speech about his future leadership from the White House, should the American people elect him for a second term. 


"We have to make our country totally successful," Trump said, harkening back to the days before the Wuhan coronavirus came to American shores and stopped the booming economy in its tracks. Moderator Kristen Welker asked the president what he would say to voters who had not supported his reelection effort.

The president reminded viewers that prior to the pandemic which froze the country, closed businesses and schools, and brought working families to their knees, Americans were thriving under the Trump economy, whether or not they had supported him in 2016. He touted his record-low unemployment rates for African Americans, Latin Americans, Asian Americans, and women, saying that those numbers were important to people – to all people.

"Before the plague came in... I was getting calls from people that would not normally call me," Trump said, speaking of political adversaries. The president also noted that more than 11 million jobs have been added back since the low point at the start of the pandemic. 

Throughout the debate, Trump pushed back on Biden's doom-and-gloom approach to the state of the nation, saying that we, as a country, are "coming around the bend," and are headed to the days of growth and prosperity that we lost when the disease took hold of our lives. 


Joe Biden spent a significant amount of time hemming and hawing about the type of leadership America could expect should the pandemic go on for another year or two. Trump promised to open. Biden promised more rules and regulations. 

"The other side wanted to get together," Trump said of Democrats prior to the pandemic."They wanted to unify." And it is that desire to succeed, for all of us to succeed, that will bring us together again said the president.  

"We are on the road to success." Under Biden, though, that economic freedom should not be expected. 

"But I'm cutting taxes. He wants to raise everybody's taxes he wants to put new regulations on everything," Trump said. Biden had just moments ago wrapped up slamming the president for his rollback of environmental regulations as well as vowing to eliminate the oil industry. 

"Success is going to bring us together," Trump said. "If he gets in, it's going to be a depression, the likes of which you've never seen."

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