'I'm Voting for My Family': Truck Driver Delivers Powerful Message of Success Under Trump

Posted: Sep 24, 2020 12:25 PM
'I'm Voting for My Family': Truck Driver Delivers Powerful Message of Success Under Trump

Source: Screenshot via YouTube/Gary Lamb

As the countdown clock to Election Day reminds us that only 40 days remain until Americans head to the polls to decide who should lead our country, one man got very personal and passionate in a video posted to his YouTube account.

During a recent shift as a delivery driver for a restaurant supplies, Gary Lamb spoke candidly about his past, his struggles, and his hope for the future of the country and for his family. Lamb addressed his message to commentator Tim Pool, who is popular on YouTube for his provocative conversations about a variety of political topics. Pool has said he supports Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

"I have struggled my entire life," Lamb said. "I've struggled to be on the straight and narrow. I've struggled to do the right thing. I've struggled to do it properly." 

"I could have been a drug dealer," he said. "I chose not to." Lamb then listed the many things that have gone awry in his personal life that led him to consider crime and even suicide. 

He described his life as a delivery driver who also works for Amazon Flex and that he'd spent his whole life working hard jobs in order to keep his head above water. But to him, that hard work was all worth it when he finally got his credit rebuilt. 

"That's how I live my life," he said, saying he gets just $120 per day for delivering hundreds of pounds of restaurant supplies. "This is work for me, this is work. This is what I've got to do." He said it took a decade for him to rebuild his destroyed credit by working hard, something he said was all worth it. 

"10 years to get where I'm at today," Lamb said. "I'm almost 40 years old," he continued, "all I can say is I got good credit."

"I don't have no money in the bank and that's because of COVID because I was doing pretty good," he said. But his turn in fortune after years of scraping by didn't happen by chance, he said. 

"I realize that was because of Trump," he said. "The reason I was doing pretty good last year was because of Trump."

"I was stuck," he said after losing his job with Uber last year because of damage to his car that he couldn't afford to fix. "They wouldn't help me, nobody else would help me, unemployment wouldn't help me. I was stuck. And I was able to dig myself out and still hold onto my credit."

"It was a blessing," he said. "To me, Trump is a freaking God-send. To me, Trump is a second chance."

Lamb said that the opportuny he has had to build back his own life has given him the confidence to take on the world.

"For the first ... time in my life, I actually see a way out," he said. "Something i've never seen before. I see a way out. Just that little bit of hope is enough for me to have a fire in my belly powerful [enough] to freaking charge the ... world man." 

"But if Biden gets into office, man, I don't know what I'm going to do," he said. "There is a silent majority out there man. I talk to them every day."

Lamb thanked Pool several times for "unlocking" him and opening his eyes to the truth. He said that he hoped Pool's message reached many other people in the same situation as him, in trying to decide between the path of hard work and self-reliance and a life of crime. 

"This is what I'm fighting for," he said. "Just to be able to take care of my family. I'm fighting for my family, I'm voting for my family, and I'm voting for Black people like me trying to do the same damn thing. There are Black people out here who don't want to turn to crime. They don't want to do bad things. They don't want to do horrible things. I'm one of those men."