Oh Really? Lefty Atlantic Writer Threatens to 'Re-tell Story' of Meeting Conservative Singer to Smear Him

Posted: Sep 08, 2020 5:15 PM
Oh Really? Lefty Atlantic Writer Threatens to 'Re-tell Story' of Meeting Conservative Singer to Smear Him

Source: Photo by Donald Traill/Invision/AP

(Warning: Graphic Language)

The definition of journalism at left-wing magazine The Atlantic seems to be different than most outlets as a writer says she'll "re-tell" the story of the time she met a conservative country star to "make him seem like a huge asshole."

"I’ve been blocked by both James Woods and Travis Tritt. Had anyone asked me about Travis Tritt before today I would have said he was a nice guy based off meeting him at the Kentucky Derby a few years ago. Now I’m going to re-tell that story and make him seem like a huge asshole."

Hill, a race-baiting grifter, became angered after Tritt and conservative actor James Woods promoted a Twitter campaign to block any and all accounts with #resist in their online profile. The move would ostensibly make it more difficult for swarms of anonymous left-wing handles to drown out conservative voices, they said.

She was pushed over the edge, however, when she discovered that she herself had been blocked by both men. Rather than accept that they disagreed on every social and political issue and conclude it was best for all parties that she not interact with them online, she decided to seek out revenge. 

Her timing struck many as particularly odd since her employer is currently under fire for publishing a highly dubious "report" by the editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg that claimed President Trump called members of the U.S. military "suckers" and "losers" back in 2018. Goldberg claimed to have several "anonymous" sources on which his story was based, but now more than 20 on-the-record witnesses have denied the incident ever took place. 

For many, Jemele Hill's promise to rewrite a story to dunk on someone she now hates because of a Twitter block was just par for the course for the Atlantic. 

Travis Tritt was trolled over the weekend after someone photoshopped an image of him so that he appeared to be wearing makeup. Tritt, known for having a good sense of humor, responded with evidence that the image was manipulated and a "nice try, suckers" message. 

For Hill, he had a stronger message about her vow to lie to the American people in order to smear an individual simply because she didn't like them. 

"Here is a perfect example of a blatant lie being crafted just because she disagrees politically. She is a contributing writer for The Atlantic. She is telling everyone that she is going to lie about how she felt about meeting me a few years ago. How they lie is so disappointing," he said.