The Andrew Jackson Statue Is the Hero We All Need Right Now

Posted: Jun 23, 2020 1:25 PM
The Andrew Jackson Statue Is the Hero We All Need Right Now

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Through two terms, President Andrew Jackson cemented a legacy as a tough leader unwilling to tolerate nonsense from his many detractors. Today, he is often remembered by historically minded people as a patriot with true grit and as a resilient commander who never flinched at efforts to destroy him.

Last night, Jackson's true legacy survived when unhinged "protesters" operating under that guise of fighting for racial equality attempted to remove his iconic statue from Lafayette Park. Its location in front of the White House and image of Jackson on a rearing horse waving his hat has long served as a symbol of strength and courage, one that is of no interest to the monument destroying mobs now steering the direction of our nation. 

But Jackson, during his 78 years on earth and in his afterlife as an American memorialized across the nation, would not and could not be moved. Rope-toting Marxists bent on rewriting history learned this on Monday evening. Jackson, waving proudly in bronze from atop his battle weary horse, stood tall and firm, an enduring symbol of patriotism against the threat of destruction. 

Graffiti vandals managed to scrawl the word "Killer" in black spray paint prior to attaching ropes and levies to the statue, a message of his alleged crimes that supposedly make his likeness worthy of destruction. But Jackson, like all American heroes now deemed to be "racists" and "bigots," was simply an imperfect man living an in imperfect time. Jackson, like all icons of the past, will never live up to the impossible standards of the woke cancellationists. 

The particular historical crimes that condemned President Jackson to deletion from our nation's history was not made clear before the National Park Police thwarted the vandals. It still isn't clear whether anyone attempting to bring down the statue either knew or cared, though Jackson's record, like all humans throughout history, was not spotless. He was, however, long considered to be a fighter for democracy and advocate for the common man. 

Imperfections aside, Jackson was a leader of unquestionable popularity and courage. He personally deflected an assassination attempt and proceeded to beat his would-be killer with his own walking stick. It is impossible to miss the correlation between that legendary moment in 1835 and the failed attempt to erase him from the White House almost 200 years later. 

Leaders within our current government are inarguably struggling with what to say and do in this moment of unprecedented civil unrest. Outraged and vocal groups determined to forever reshape the cultural and political landscape of the country seem to be winning with every toppled monument and every dissolved brand with images alleged to be "offensive" or "derogatory." 

"Our Federal Union, it Must be Preserved," Jackson said famously in 1830, under the threat of South Carolina seceding from the United States. The statue bears that inscription today, as it has for more than 100 years. In this time of frustration, as the silent majority searches for its voice and looks for leadership to summon uncommon strength and courage, the legend of Andrew Jackson remains, whether under the threat of secession during his presidency or under the threat of cultural dismantling in 2020. 

Andrew Jackson, cast in 15 tons of bronze and marble, stands tall at the gates of our democracy, against the ropes of those seeking to destroy history. As must our leaders. As must we all.